Our DJs



Dave Randall

My love for house music went up a notch when I started clubbing, my regular haunts being Peach, The Gallery, Strawberry Sundae, and Trinity.


Darren Harvey

I’m an open format DJ and I play tracks from late 70’s disco through to current tracks. I have a love of piano house and funky basslines.


DJ Russ T

Born and raised in London and now residing in Australia, DJ Russ T's love of House music was born from going to raves in the late 80s/early 90s at places like Dungeons, Camden, Labyrinth and Astoria.


Chris Clark

Music is always something I have had a passion for. I bought my very first pair of belt drive vinyl decks when I was about 15 years old and loved listening and mixing UK Garage in my bedroom, like many teenagers back in the 90s.



Most of you will remember me as Dj Techno back in the day of the original days of Sunrise FM. I joined the radio scene on SunriseFm around the mid 1988 just in time for the Camber Soul Weekender events.



Sunrise FM was formed in 1988 by BadBoyWest, Judge Jimmy and Tony White known as “Tony Crucial White” broadcasting on a citizen Band Radio (CB).


DJ Shaun.E

I grew up listening to Soul, R'n'B, Reggae and chart music and in the early 90's I got heavily into jungle, D'N'B and happy hardcore.

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