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I started DJing London clubs and radio around 1989, did radio for about 5 years on CLR (Central London Radio) then Touchdown FM. DJing in clubs included Camden Palace, Limelight, Hippodrome, Equinox, Turnmills, Zenith, Buzz Bar, Legends, Cairo Jacks and Central Square in Shropshire. There has been some great music in every decade but my favourite period would have to be the rave years from ’89-93. I like to play a mixture of old and new house music mixed up with some classics from those earlier eras on the radio.

Early influences which piqued my interest in radio were listening to the original soul stations like JFM, LWR, Horizon and Solar, followed by the new, exciting music as the acid house era was beginning, pioneered by the likes of Centreforce and of course Sunrise! That music changed many of our lives…

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